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This is the inaugural meeting of the new European Quarry Landscapes Network, dedicated to international cooperation in the care of historic stone quarries. In the setting of the impressive clay quarries of the spectacular Mudejar architecture of the city of Teruel, twelve international specialists will present varied perspectives on the historic European landscapes created by stone quarrying.

Aspects to be examined include their study, interpretation, valorisation, conservation, protection, and re-use, as well as how their cultural and natural qualities can be compatible with music and theatre, tourism, education, sports and leisure.

A new report prepared by The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage, TICCIH, will propose criteria by which quarries can be considered as World Heritage sites, leading to a consensus which can guide future inscriptions on the UNESCO list.

On the second morning delegates will visit the Mudejar architecture and examine the quarries from which were made their bricks and ceramic decoration.

In the final session representatives of territories with quarry landscapes and interested institutions will sign an agreement to constitute the EQLN and consider its development and program.

The presentations are in English.


The brochure can be downloaded here.


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