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Teruel Life + project is a pioneering and innovative sponsored by the Government of Teruel. Pay attention to the recovery of ancient clay quarries that constitute a cultural landscape and rare, recovering not only a leisure, when integrated into an urban environment, but also help to promote sustainable mobility and thus to mitigate the change climate by creating and connecting with the center axis of the city, by increased use of sustainable transport.

This project will also serve as laboratory the control and monitoring of problems such as erosion and ozone pollution, with an evident demonstration purposes and transfer of results to similar environments.

Teruel's population will become the first intoned knowledgeably of the project, contributing their ideas and contributions to it, and end up recognizing, enjoying it and feeling proud of the space and its recovery process.

The project is an initiative of the City that has the support of the LIFE + Programme of the European Commission, the financial instrument for the environment of the European Union.

The project area is part of the Urban Environment LIFE + Programme and will be implemented during the period June 2012 to December 2015. It has a budget of 3,964,070 € and the financing granted by the European Commission amounted to 1,352,292 €.

The project is addressed to the population of Teruel.

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