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The project's objectives are focused in the area of urban environment. From this point of view, the restoration of quarries help close a gradient periurban space today and integrate it into the city. By doing so cycling trails through corridors, clearly contributes to a change in the mobility model of the city of Teruel.

The project aims to reduce the need for leisure trips by Teruel, offering natural recreational space. In fact, the project will study their contribution to reducing CO2 emissions associated.

The project includes an ambitious reforestation destined to play, among other things, the role of CO2 sink.

The project can be considered a draft climate change adaptation.

Therefore objectives are:

  • Solving environmental problems in an environmentally degraded for centuries, due to the mining of the clay quarries, highlighting the natural and cultural heritage.
  • Integrating suburban spaces within the city, improving the quality of urban life.
  • Strengthen the network of roads and trails in the environment.
  • Contribute to the fight against climate change by building a series of green axes, communicating the city center with the area, increasing the cycle network of Teruel, promoting sustainable mobility and reducing CO2.
  • Halting the loss of biodiversity.
  • Contribute knowledge and data in fighting tropospheric ozone pollution.
  • Fight against erosion and soil degradation.
  • Consolidation of "Los Monotes".
  • Recover areas of degraded by uncontrolled use as landfill.
  • Citizen participation in the process, actively involving people in the design and dissemination of project .


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