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  • Environmental restoration of the old mines of clays and environment of the area of the quarries, creating a recreational green space for the city, a large green. One of the most important goals of the project is the "reappropriation" of space from the quarries by the citizenship of Teruel.
  • Valuation of natural and cultural heritage, contributing to economic development and quality of life of Teruel.
  • Construction of green axis of cyclist and pedestrian priority, promoting sustainable mobility.
  • Plantations of species adapted to different habitats and the environment and promote biodiversity.
  • Combating climate change and ozone pollution, by providing local government control devices, awareness and involvement of citizens.
  • Fight against erosion and soil loss. Actions that would reduce the power of water and facilitate the implementation of the new cover, serving as a laboratory control and issue tracking, with a clear caracter demonstration and transfer of results to similar environments.
  • Creating a network of plots and witnesses of vegetation control.
  • Cleaning debris, eliminatio of tailings.
  • Technical seminars, workshops and educational programs for environmental awareness.
  • Participation. They are an essential factor in defining the scope and content of actions, making contributions and helping to disseminate the results. It seeks a permanent participation space project monitoring and providing new suggestions for improvement and actions to be developed in subsequent phases, facilitating the involvement of social groups in the city.
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